Inetasia Management Team

The Inetasia management team is composed of bright entrepreneurs and leading Internet marketing experts. Read below to learn more about the team.

Gregory Smyth, CEO

As CEO and founder of Inetasia, Gregory is responsible for Inetasia's day-to-day operations as well as handling the company's business and technology strategies.

Prior to founding Inetasia, Gregory worked in the finance industry for several years as an analyst. He has also been involved with several successful Internet start-ups including, the leading resource for professionals, executives and expats living in Asia,, Canada's largest owner direct ski accommodation portal, and, an owner direct website and mobile platform for Asian vacation villa rentals.

Gregory holds a Bachelor's degree in History and Languages from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, as well as an MBA in Finance from Dalhousie University, Canada.

Gregory is married with 2 children and has lived in Hong Kong for 20 years.

Mircea Cantar, Head of Analytics

As Head of Analytics, Mircea is responsible for consulting on Webtrends Analytics Solutions from a pre-sales stage conducting product presentations and demonstrations, to requirements gathering and implementation, and reporting and web analytics training for Inetasia's enterprise level clients.

Prior to joining Inetasia, Mircea worked in IT for more than 14 years in various roles including; software/web project manager and director for web analytics services in the commercial banking industry. Mircea brings his knowledge of both finance and technology to Inetasia.

Mircea holds a Bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Craiova. Mircea also holds various project management and Webtrends training certifications.

Korakot Leelachareanwaranon, Head of Development

As Head of Development, Korakot is responsible for all development and technical support at Inetasia. He refines his ways of working to ensure the delivery of high quality projects, through process improvement, initiative and the application of new techniques.

Prior to joining Inetasia, Korakot earned scrum master certification and led 2 scrum teams at DST System (Thailand). In addition, Korakot gained experience in scrum and project management while working in the Philippines for international companies Hewlett-Packard and Sykes Asia.

Korakot holds an Honours Master of Science in Information Technology from Adamson University in the Philippines.

Adrian Meyers, Regional Sales Manager

As Regional Sales Manager, Adrian's brings with him a proficiency in sales and marketing. In 2013, Adrian assumed the role of Regional Sales Manager, and is responsible for driving all direct sales related activities in Asia. Apart from expanding Inetasia's enterprise client base, his duties include managing the regional sales team and identifying new client opportunities.

Adrian holds a Bachelor's degree from Concordia University.

Kristy Wan, Taiwan Sales Manager

As Taiwan Sales Manager, Kristy has rich experiences in customer service and customer relationship management. Kristy has over 9 years experiences in internet industries, such as Web Analytics, Digital Marketing, Database Implementation helping clients bring in more revenue online by optimizing their website.

Kristy hold a Bachelor's degree in Library and Information Science from FuJen University