Areas of Expertise

Inetasia has developed strong skills in a variety of industries, but as a result of being an early Internet pioneer in Asia, we have developed unique expertise in certain sectors. Learn more about the special skills and experience in the following verticals.


Over the last few years the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry has experienced significant growth with no sign of a slow down in the near future. However, this growth has made it more difficult for businesses to acquire new customers with the emergence of new digital media, electronic, and other newer entertainment companies. To remain competitive, entertainment companies are increasingly turning to their websites as a way to attract new customers and build brand loyalty. Inetasia experts can provide insight to entertainment companies on the different types of visitors that comprise their audience in order to insure the right message is delivered at the right time. Properly targeting visitors motivates them to spend more time on a company’s sites if they are engaged by relevant experiences on a consistent basis.


Educational establishments digital properties communicate with potential and current students, parents and staff. Communication includes promotion of applications and registrations, events, new curriculum offerings, and more from within the school community and beyond. The education sector also requires privacy and security for protection of sensitive information and data. Inetasia is able to provide services to help promote schools to the correct audiences at the right time, as well as provide timely and local support and protection.

Insurance and Finance

In today’s economy, financial transactions online frequently occur at banks, brokerages, insurance firms and other financial services companies. With an increasing amount of customers doing business online, financial companies can now reshape their web sites as a platform for marketing and lead-generation. With Webtrends, financial services companies can easily quantify the success of their campaigns by tracking conversions, document downloads, form enquiries and shared data. Often customers who research financial services on the web don’t immediately apply or purchase online. By deriving this customer intelligence, financial services companies can retarget customers with a variety of timely and relevant offers in order to encourage a conversion.


As more and more people become part of the online world, it is important that government organizations’ websites provide information and services that their citizens need. Many effective government websites collect data through polls and votes on their web pages that are then used to measure and improve government services. Therefore, having a firm understanding of web analytics is critical to better serving the citizens that visit government web pages. Inetasia experts can assist government organizations in gathering direct feedback from citizens on their web pages in order to discover what they are doing and what their motivations are. Most importantly, with Webtrends On Premise, government organizations are able to maintain ownership of customer data allowing them to take important control and security measures to ensure the safety of their citizens.


Success comes for technology companies when they consistently attract and retain web site visitors. Inetasia experts know that using web analytics takes the guesswork out of channeling relevant visitors to web properties and can additionally drive visitor attention to appropriate product pages, sections and sites. By using Webtrends to reveal visitor traffic patterns, companies can reduce lost traffic and increase visitor satisfaction. The Webtrends solution allows technology companies to collect and analyze immense amounts of data across thousands of pages and multiple domains and subdomains. With quick and easy access to this data, companies can easily report the needs of different business groups and managers, increasing their return on analytics investment.


One of the biggest challenges for telecommunications companies is properly organizing and managing customer data. This includes segmenting massive customer bases, multiple service offerings and diverse marketing programs. In an industry with such large volumes of data, implementing an analytics tool can significantly improve marketing optimization. With Webtrends, businesses can ensure site content and marketing campaigns are delivered in optimal format to devices that customers use most. Webtrends also improves marketing efforts to attract new customers. Telecommunications companies greatly benefit from segmenting customers based on visitor information that can then be used to target or retarget visitors.

Travel & Hospitality

Inetasia has worked extensively in the hospitality industry with a number of Asia’s premier hotels and serviced apartments. An effective tracking solution has dramatically improved marketing Return on Investment (ROI) for these organizations. The integrated solution allows hotels to track booking conversions, abandonment on bookings, hotel revenues and many other important metrics. By using digital measurement solutions, clients have been able to drive more visitor traffic to their websites, increase bookings, and improve brand visibility online all while dealing with regular day to day operations. Using search engine optimization to improve site visibility on and to major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing is another way that Inetasia has assisted it’s hospitality clients.

Agro-industrial and Food business

Leaders in agro-industrial and food corporations require digitalization in many aspects of the business to allow for improved consumer experience and risk reduction. Consumers are increasingly more demanding, so insights derived from unified digital measurement platforms are required to meet demand across markets. To stay competitive and agile, these organizations need to leverage technologies and big data to accelerate their digital transformation, maintain data accuracy, and serve efficiently and effectively.


Inetasia can help media companies use analytics and marketing optimization to gain an edge in the highly competitive round-the-clock industry. As audiences become more fragmented, the ad dollars they bring become ever more valuable to media companies. To find success, companies must find relevant content that engages their readers and viewers and also make sure that the experience is available on all digital channels. With the support of Inetasia experts, Media companies can identify key performance indicators, best practices and standard metrics in order to build a strategic marketing plan. The Inetasia digital marketing team can also undertake search engine optimization to drive traffic and target advertisements providing media companies the ability to deliver personalized content to their customers.


Retail companies are tasked with managing large, diverse product lines, coordinating online and offline marketing efforts, and stocking products that match consumer needs and preferences. Inetasia experts can help manage the complexities of online business by providing digital marketing insight and web optimization advice. With mobile analytics retailers can measure the activity of their customers on mobile web and mobile apps. It is important for businesses to effectively manage these platforms as the number of transactions on mobile devices continues to increase. By using analytics to collect customer intelligence, retailers retain customers more efficiently and design strategies to foster ongoing relationships. Remarketing techniques such as email or SMS marketing are proven to increase revenue significantly by promoting relevant products automatically to shoppers based on their browsing history.