Amcham Shanghai

Webtrends Tracks the 'Voice of American Business' in Shanghai

Business Overview

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, known as the "Voice of American Business" in China, is the largest and fastest growing American Chamber in the Asia Pacific region. Founded in 1915 as the third American Chamber abroad, today it has over 4,000 members. As a non-profit, non-partisan business organization, Amcham Shanghai is committed to the principals of free trade, open markets, private enterprise and the unrestricted flow of information.

The Challenge

A large and diverse organization, Amcham Shanghai needed a tool which could cope with the complexity of their organization and website design. With over 20 committees as well as a huge resource pool, Amcham Shanghai needed a solution to monitor content effectiveness of their website. In addition, the information had to be integrated into various custom campaign reports including e-mail newsletters in order to track visitor click through rates and conversion.

Inetasia Solution

To cope with its' evolving and comprehensive business reporting requirements, Inetasia recommended that Amcham Shanghai implement the newly launched Webtrends Managed Service (WMS) solution.

The web analytics solution combined with Inetasia's professional service and ongoing support allowed Amcham Shanghai to effectively resolve its’ business reporting issues. The detailed visitor information was made possible through the implementation of WebTrends SDC custom parameters and custom reporting.

Objectives & Technical Summary

  • Accurately Track Unique Visitors
  • Understand Visitor Behaviour
  • Monitor Content Effectiveness
  • Provide Detailed Website Traffic Analysis
  • Track Email Campaigns

Technologies Applied

  • Webtrends Managed Service
  • Custom Path Analysis
  • Custom Content Groups & Sub Groups


Amcham Shanghai can now access a wide array of actionable custom reports detailing aspects of visitor behaviour which include mapping content groups to viewing time and visitor origination. The reports assist in developing better creative and a more focused digital marketing strategy for the organization.


Webtrends' proven data collection methodology and enterprise level suite of products coupled with Inetasia's local support in Shanghai has given Amcham Shanghai invaluable insight to its’ website visitor traffic across the organization.

" We decided to upgrade to Webtrends Managed Service (WMS) from Google Analytics due to additional product features that allowed us to generate the custom reports we needed as well as monitor the effectiveness of our website content. The entitlement included ongoing support from Inetasia which allowed us to expand our reporting requirements as our business evolved whilst maintaining the same total cost of ownership. "

Veli-Antti Ruismäki , The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai