About Inetasia Solutions

Inetasia provides digital marketing solutions for organizations to effectively compete online through a unified platform for digital measurement.

Founded in 1999, Inetasia has a rich history as one of Asia's early Internet solutions providers. As a result of digital marketing becoming increasingly data driven and more complex we offer a range of products and solutions that effectively address the demands of the multichannel digital world. Our solutions assist businesses in developing an optimization and analytics framework that allows them to better understand online consumer behavior to drive marketing decisions. We provide organizations with a unified platform to measure success across web, mobile and social channels in order to build important customer intelligence and reporting. As businesses develop a better understanding of their customer behaviours and preferences, they can segment and personalize content in real-time to ensure their customers receive the right message at the right time optimizing conversions.

Our professional services experts and award winning solutions have helped many of Asia's top enterprises optimize their digital marketing efforts. Our solutions include web analytics and digital intelligence, mobile analytics, tag management, social marketing, campaign management, digital marketing and email marketing.

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" It is critical for businesses to receive accurate and actionable data in order to serve their clients in a more relevant and timely manner. Our solutions and services give organizations the tools they need to personalize and transform the experience of their customers. "

Gregory Smyth - CEO   
              Inetasia Solutions