Inetasia Press Releases

In this section you will find news of public announcements and milestones. This is a great place to read about past success stories and to learn how our clients have benefited from integrating Inetasia solutions in to their organizations.

Date Place News
April 2012 Hong Kong Inetasia Builds Optimization Strategy For Construction Industry's Dextra Group
April 2012 Hong Kong Webtrends Expands Operations To Hong Kong
March 2012 United Arab Emirates Construction Products Leader Gyproc Saint-Gobain Turns To Inetasia For New Online Presence
March 2012 Hong Kong Manulife Insures Online Success With Webtrends And Inetasia
September 2011 Coquitlam Coquitlam Express Rebound With Inetasia Website Design
August 2011 Hong Kong Mercedes Benz Motors Ahead With On Site Optimization By Inetasia
July 2011 Hong Kong Inetasia's Website Design Scores Top Points For China Ice Hockey League
May 2011 Beijing Beijing Puhua International Hospital Receives Top Treatment With Inetasia's Digital Marketing Services
April 2011 Hong Kong Inetasia Delivers On Site Optimization For Johnson And Johnson
April 2011 Hong Kong Website Design By Inetasia Brings New Growth For Returning Hope
March 2011 Beijing Novotel And Inetasia Join Forces For LeKids Children's Charity Website Design
December 2010 Beijing Boutique Hotel G Checks In With Inetasia's Digital Marketing Services
November 2010 Hong Kong VTech® Calls Inetasia For Digital Marketing Solutions
September 2010 Bangkok Inetasia's New Website Design A Masterpiece For Rembrandt Hotel
August 2010 Hong Kong Inetasia Drives Mercedes Benz Digital Marketing To Poll Position