Inetasia Press Releases

In this section you will find news of public announcements and milestones. This is a great place to read about past success stories and to learn how our clients have benefited from integrating Inetasia solutions in to their organizations.

Date Place News
July 2010 Hong Kong Online Website Marketing By Inetasia Boosts ICS TRUST’s Web Presence
March 2010 Bangkok Inetasia's Website Build For Novotel Nathan Road Makes It 'Hip To Be Square'
March 2010 Bangkok Inetasia's Elite Website Design Puts the Cove In A League Of Their Own
March 2010 Bangkok Brigade Hospitality Marching Towards e-Success With Inetasia's Website Design
January 2010 Singapore Inetasia And Band Partner Up To Help Customer-Hunting At Tiger Beer With Webtrends Managed Service
January 2010 Singapore Having Your Web Analytics Taken Care Of: Priceless", Mastercard Agency Discovers Inetasia's Webtrends Managed Service
November 2009 Shanghai China Voice Of American Business In China Now Able To Interpret Customer's Website Traffic With Inetasia's WMS Platform
October 2009 Hong Kong Inetasia To Launch New Full-Service Website Analytics Management Service In Hong Kong
October 2009 Hong Kong Inetasia Provides Website Knowledge At Hong Kong Web Analytics And Seminar
October 2009 Singapore Singapore-based Hotel Chain Meritus Discovers The Merits Of Inetasia's Webtrends Managed Service Platform
October 2009 Singapore Inetasia's Web Analytics And Internet Marketing Advice In High Demand For Singapore Seminar
October 2009 Hong Kong Inetasia And Webtrends Extension Of Service Provides Enormous Benefits For Asia Pacific Clients
March 2009 Bangkok Inetasia's And Webtrends Helping Singapore's National Research Facility
March 2009 Bangkok Inetasia Signs Deal For Website Analytics That Deutsche Can 'Take To The Bank'
January 2009 Malaysia Gomez Expands Distribution In Asia, Signs Reseller Partnership With Inetasia