Inetasia Press Releases

In this section you will find news of public announcements and milestones. This is a great place to read about past success stories and to learn how our clients have benefited from integrating Inetasia solutions in to their organizations.

Date Place News
March, 2022 Hong Kong HKTDC Keeps its Finger on the Pulse with Inetasia and Tealium
February, 2022 Hong Kong Inetasia and OneSignal to Boost Customer Engagement in Asia
September, 2021 Hong Kong Inetasia gets creative with newly formed Ad-Lib partnership
August, 2021 Hong Kong Inetasia Campaign Sherpa 2.0 – Mobile Reporting & Analytics Integration
June, 2021 Hong Kong Inetasia partner UDBAC delivers Campaign Sherpa insights for China Mobile
May, 2021 Hong Kong Deacons motions to partner with Campaign Sherpa
April, 2021 Hong Kong Mapei builds on organic traffic growth with Campaign Sherpa
March, 2021 Hong Kong HKBN rings new leads with Campaign Sherpa
February, 2021 Bangkok RAKxa gets professional SEO treatment with Campaign Sherpa
January, 2021 Bangkok CPF farming new leads with best-of-breed technology stack
November, 2020 Hong Kong Prudential Malaysia Campaign Sherpa certified
October, 2020 Hong Kong Inetasia Partners with AB Tasty In Asia to Personalize User Experiences & Drive ROI
September, 2020 Hong Kong Campaign Sherpa lays ground work to build organic traffic for Mapei Hong Kong
August, 2020 Hong Kong Inetasia certified as Amplitude's 1st Agency Partner in Hong Kong & Thailand
July, 2020 Hong Kong Prudential Singapore Campaign Sherpa certified
June, 2020 Hong Kong Inetasia unveils best-of-breed marketing technology stack
May, 2020 Hong Kong HKBN enhances customer engagement with Tealium
April, 2020 Hong Kong CDNIS books another year with Inetasia
March 2018 Hong Kong Inetasia Solution Engineers get Expert Certified in Market Leading Data Platform
February 2018 Hong Kong Inetasia Thrilled to Enhance Customer Experience for GCP Hospitality
January 2018 Hong Kong HKTDC Conquers Customer Data with Inetasia and Tealium
December 2017 Hong Kong Inetasia Enables HKBN to Better Engage Customers with Tealium
November 2017 Hong Kong Oracle & Inetasia Empower APAC Marketers with Customer Insights
October 2017 Hong Kong Prudential Tealium deal
September 2017 Bangkok Partnership with Tealium