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We have transitioned in to a digital era where data is produced rapidly, across a variety of channels. Sending an email online, watching a video on a mobile device, or typing a status on a social network are all examples of how data is created differently on each digital channel. Businesses must adapt to this change by figuring out the best way to interact with their audience on each digital platform. To accomplish this successfully, businesses must build an optimization and analytics framework of integrated marketing solutions that can be used to measure and quantify online initiatives through multiple channels. This allows businesses to generate customer intelligence that can be used when making decisions for new initiatives. For marketers, it is imperative to follow this process to ensure customers receive relevant experiences at the right time regardless of the type of digital platform they utilize.

Learn insights from digital marketing experts and read the success stories of companies that have adapted to this change.

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May 24th, 2018

Hong Kong

May 9th, 2018


Latest Press Releases

Date Place News
October 2017 Hong Kong Prudential Tealium deal
September 2017 Bangkok Partnership with Tealium
September 2016 Singapore Inetasia To Serve As Digital Marketing Concierge For Latest GCP Property, Hotel G Singapore
May 2016 Hong Kong Chunky Onion Casts Inetasia For Digital Marketing Encore
May 2016 Hong Kong Chickeeduck Receives Tailor Made Analytics Solution, Courtesy Of Inetasia