Pullman Pattaya Hotel G Checks in With Inetasia for Another Year of Service

Bangkok, December, 2013

Pleased with their results, Pullman Pattaya Hotel G has signed a renewal contract for another year of Email Marketing Services with the leading Asia-based Internet consultancy.

Offering 353 rooms in a prime beachfront location in the popular Thai seaside resort, Pullman Pattaya Hotel G first turned to Inetasia for the company’s much in-demand email marketing services in December 2012. A year later and the property was quick to sign an extension of the contract, based on the successful results seen in the first year. So much so, it’s also taken the opportunity to broaden the relationship with Inetasia further.

One of Thailand’s leading boutique hotels, Pullman Pattaya Hotel G has now also contracted Inetasia to grow its social media presence. The Internet consultancy has taken the helm in Pullman Pattaya Hotel G’s Facebook marketing, with its online marketing experts already at work on banner advertising designed to increase Likes on the hotel’s Facebook page and produce the best possible Click Through Rate.

Inetasia will continue providing Pullman Pattaya Hotel G with a complete email marketing solution in the form of Site Manager Direct, a robust and scalable email marketing platform. A monthly newsletter, online flyers and other EDMs are distributed to the hotel’s extensive database, promoting its accommodation and facilities, special room deals, restaurant offers and other news. The property is provided statistical analysis of the performance of these email campaigns to gauge visitor behaviour.

The various elements of this email marketing solution are provided in quick turnaround time, something that is increasingly important in today’s crowded and intensely competitive internet marketplace. Hotels like Pullman Pattaya Hotel G know how vital it is to distribute their marketing messages both quickly and strategically.

Inetasia has proved adept at achieving both this and another of Pullman Pattaya Hotel G’s key email marketing objectives, this being the retainment of the hotel’s existing online customer audience while at the same time expanding it by driving new website traffic and turning this traffic into conversions.

“It’s extremely pleasing and rewarding to have Pullman Pattaya Hotel G eager to continue and indeed expand upon the successful relationship we’ve been building together. Understanding email marketing and being able to create and implement online marketing campaigns that are intuitive, productive and delivered in a timely fashion is something Inetasia is well experienced in. We have strong design and internet marketing teams specialized in exactly this”, said Inetasia CEO Gregory Smyth.

“Working with Inetasia, Pullman Pattaya Hotel G has seen how effective and productive email marketing can be as a marketing technique, when done correctly.”

About Inetasia

Inetasia provides a range of enterprise-level marketing solutions to help its clients consolidate, integrate and quantify online initiatives. Inetasia places a strong emphasis on the integration of solutions and detailed reporting for maximum return on investment. From the initial Design, Campaign Optimization and Management, through Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Ad Serving to Web Analytics and Multivariate Testing; Inetasia provides the tools and expertise to help its clients succeed online.

Inetasia's flagship clients include major local and multinational corporations such as HSBC, Visa, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Bangkok Hospital, Accor Asia Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Hong Kong Tourism Board, SmarTone-Vodafone, SingTel, Orient Overseas Container Line, and Maxis Communications.

For more information, please contact Gregory Smyth, CEO