Thailand Food Giant CPF Adds Inetasia As New Wonder Ingredient For Internet Success

Bangkok, February, 2014

Foremost Thai food company Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL has enlisted the Internet expertise and know-how of leading Asia-based Internet consultancy Inetasia, in a major new partnership that will allow it to more effectively track and analyze its web and mobile properties under one platform.

The strategic new partnership delivers Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) the powerful analytical advantage of Webtrends analytics, one of the most sophisticated reporting and decision-making tools available today. It provides customers with a choice of software or a hosted solution for analyzing and optimizing their online marketing campaigns.

In the partnership with Inetasia, CPF has purchased Webtrends Analytics On Demand, which offers a host of benefits within the framework of a unified multi-channel platform. These benefits are: web, mobile and social properties are all ‘under the one roof’; data privacy and security; robust reporting; scalability; a marketing friendly interface; and less IT involvement.

CPF was looking for a powerful enterprise analytics tool that could provide detailed and actionable data on the market reach, response and overall success of its increasing spend in the digital environment. Also key to the new partnership was Inetasia’s bilingual local support, providing expertise such as custom reporting, report interpretation and consultation on Inetasia’s 3C’s concept - Content, Campaigns, Conversions.

CPF needed an industry-leading partner it could rely on to expertly and efficiently analyze and present data in a comprehensive yet easily understandable format. Inetasia is providing Webtrends Professional Services, through which its web analytics experts will help CPF optimize the strategic business intelligence being generated by Webtrends Analytics on Demand.

“Inetasia’s 3C’s concept is a key consideration for any commercial organization and this is exactly the case for CPF as it focuses more and more on expanding its online presence across different digital channels. Naturally it wants to make sure its spending is optimized and managed in the most efficient manner possible, so as to maximise return on investment. That ability will be further enhanced with Inetasia’s expert analysis of the data through the inclusion of Webtrends Professional Services in our new partnership”, said Inetasia CEO Gregory Smyth.

Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL is the leading agro-industrial and food conglomerate in Thailand. A company of the CP Group, its revenue in 2012 was US$11.4 billion. The greater part of its production bases is in Thailand, while there are also some overseas locations.

About Inetasia

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