Krungsri Cashing In On Webtrends On Demand With Inetasia

Bangkok, March, 2015

Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri) solidifies its partnership with Inetasia for enterprise level unified analytics. After a successful POC (proof-of-concept), the company is moving forward with Webtrends On Demand’s analytics scalability, enhanced functionality and data security. In turn, Krungsri will be able to continue providing an optimal online experience for its customers across their digital channels.

Inetasia and Krungsri developed a successful relationship together during the POC period. The move to Webtrends On Demand provides a secure, unified platform for digital measurement, delivering precise visitor intelligence for Krungsri. Webtrends comprehensive reporting will allow Krungsri to effectively measure Return on Investment (ROI) for all future Digital marketing initiatives.

Overall, Krungsri was impressed with Webtrends On Demand’s industry leading data privacy and security platform. Unlike free analytics solutions, Webtrends On Demand does not share customer data with third parties and this is a crucial factor for the banking industry and their clients. In addition, whereas most free analytics solutions sample data, Webtrends offers no limitations on data collection which gives Krungsri the accuracy required to drive their digital initiatives forward.

Furthermore, Krungsri will also utilize Inetasia’s Tag Auditing service which has become extremely important as their Digital Marketing initiatives evolve. To ensure data quality, Inetasia will audit Krungsri’s website tags, which helps accurately test and confirm the function and configuration of every tag on every page. In addition, the audits measure website performance, identify javascript errors and user experience problems.

As part of the engagement, Inetasia will be providing professional services to assist with the set-up and implementation, requirements gathering, report customization and interpretation, and end user training and consulting. For Krungsri, Inetasia’s professional services were equally important as the solution itself.

"We are excited to continue working closely with Krungsri and their e-commerce team", said Inetasia CEO Gregory Smyth. "Webtrends On Demand is an enterprise level solution that will continue paying dividends for Krungsri and their clients."

About Inetasia

Inetasia provides big data, analytics services, and data-driven digital marketing solutions that generate a quantifiable return on investment for our clients. Our digital solutions and measurement expertise allows organizations to effectively track campaigns from impression to conversion while addressing the demands of a multichannel digital world. As the official Webtrends distributor in Asia, Inetasia provides advanced analytics services and optimization solutions for major local and multinational corporations. With headquarters in Hong Kong, and offices in Bangkok, Singapore, and Taiwan, the Inetasia staff has in-depth experience and a proven track record of success in helping clients achieve their digital marketing, analytics and optimization goals.

Operating as two distinct divisions (solutions and media), Inetasia staff have worked with some of the most recognized and respected organizations and brands across Asia. Some of our flagship clients include HSBC, Prudential, Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong, iFast Financial, Global Sources, Thai Airways International, Minor International, Asian Development Bank, ezTravel and Shin Kong Life Insurance Co.

For more information, please contact Gregory Smyth, CEO