Expert Tips For Getting Hits On Your Website

By Gregory Smyth

Knowledge is power … and conversely, no knowledge means not much power! In terms of internet marketing, web analytics packages are the way to obtain knowledge about your customers and their behavior -- the way they search and how they respond to what they find. Without a web analytics package, you could spend quite a few dollars and plenty of time on web marketing strategies that pay no dividends. Furthermore, if you don't know how to interpret your web analytics package data or don't use the data provided, then more time will have been wasted. Here we look at why you need a web analytics package and what to do with all that precious information once you have gathered it.

Basically, a web analytics package allows you to see how visitors use your website. A website costs you money and you need to be able to justify that spend by using your website to attract paying customers.

A web analytics package should, at a minimum, identify information about your site, including: the number of hits received (both per individual website page and as a whole); the number of unique visitors that these hits represent; what pages attract visitors to your website and what pages cause them to leave; your top referrers, which are the links that people use to get to your site; the search engine keywords used to find you; and information about your visitors’ location and browser. Some more advanced web analytics packages will provide a graphical depiction of click paths, or a visual depiction of the route somebody took through the website. Then to assess your web marketing strategy, you can get a conversion rate, which tells you what percentage of visits or visitors did what was asked, for example making a purchase, using a contact form or signing up for something.

If you are using tools from an online marketing agency, such as article distribution, article marketing, press release distribution or link building, your web analytics will help assess how these are working. You can see how many visitors to your site came through the link in the About the Author box of an article, or through a particular press release. You can also see which incoming links are working best for you, then decide whether to push your top hit earners or to focus on the paths which aren't earning you as many visitors.

Incoming links are, for many companies, the most revealing part of a web analysis tool. When you begin an online marketing campaign with an Asian web analytics or Bangkok digital marketing firm, the top companies will recommend you engage in article distribution and press release distribution. While you cannot see the value of all of the indexed links in the About the Author boxes that these create, you can certainly see the number of visitors to your site increase with your web analysis tool. These tools not only help you see how to maximize your web marketing strategy spend, but they quickly convince you that they are an essential part of life with a corporate website!