Yahoo Directory .. are the $299 worth it

By Wolfgang Jaegel and Gregory Smyth

There are many reasons for webmasters to submit their websites to various quality web directories populating the Internet. The positives of having your website listed in a popular directory have been and are discussed on a multitude of search-related forums.

Being listed in popular high quality directories benefits your website's popularity and has a direct impact on your website's Search Engine Ranking Positions. However, is it worth $299 (for non-adult websites) to have your wesite listed in Yahoo's web directory? And keep in mind that these fees are recurring. Provided you want to maintain the benefits of being listed in the Yahoo directory, you must continue to pay on a yearly basis.

Here are some facts in regards to the Yahoo directory listing:

  • on-topic link from a very reputable, powerful, white listed site.
  • One-way link from a unique IP
  • search engines place a very high value on relevant, high quality, one-way links pointing to your site
  • if your competitors are there, you should be too!

Look at it this way.

If you are serious about your online business, it is definitely worth to add your site to the Yahoo directory . However, if you are building "throw away, spam domains" ..it is most likely not.

But as we all know, Search Engine Algorithms and their creators are definitely not stupid! And even if no one can say with a 100% certainty how a specific algorithm works, by common sense usage and presence the above makes sense. If you are serious about your site and want to build a long-term online presence and business, you should not mind the investment of $300 for a listing.