Inetasia and Band Partner Up to Help Customer-Hunting at Tiger Beer with Webtrends Managed Service

Singapore, January, 2010

Inetasia, a leading Asia-based internet consultancy, recently launched a new managed version of the gold-standard Webtrends website analytics platform in Singapore; WebTrends Managed Services. Recently several marketing agencies have signed up clients to take advantage of the business intelligence provided by the managed web analytics service.

Inetasia recently launched Webtrends Managed Service, a new hosted Asian web analytics service. Several large marketing agencies have taken advantage of the new service, which both simplifies the process and expands the capabilities of the powerful Webtrends platform for website owners. One of the first to sign up is the agency Band, acting for Tiger Beer in Singapore.

"We've seen quite a few marketing agencies sign up clients from the corporate community in South East Asia in the last few weeks", said Gregory Smyth, CEO of Inetasia.

"It's important for large businesses like Tiger Beer to know that they are spending their marketing and online dollars in the most effective way possible; Inetasia's Webtrends Managed Service makes that possible at a reduced cost to client, and with greater streamlining of process from the client's side", Mr Smyth continued.

The internet marketing firm's Webtrends Managed Service platform has several associated benefits over the standard self-managed version of Webtrends:

Removes the cost of web analytics software and hardware Incorporates Webtrends' market-leading technology Only client-side admin activity is a 5-minute tagging task Improved data accuracy Client commitment is reduced to a simple monthly management fee

"Band will start getting actionable data for Tiger Beer right away after the setup of Webtrends Managed Service. We can provide custom reports and expert interpretation of the results in a matter of weeks, and companies can see differences in customer interactions within the month", said Mr Smyth.

Inetasia is offering a free one-week trial of the WebTrends Managed Service to interested companies across Asia. Managers can sign up for a free trial at the Free WMS Demo page.

About Inetasia

Inetasia provides a range of enterprise-level marketing solutions to help its clients consolidate, integrate and quantify online initiatives. Inetasia places a strong emphasis on the integration of solutions and detailed reporting for maximum return on investment. From the initial Design, Campaign Optimization and Management, through Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Ad Serving to Web Analytics and Multivariate Testing; Inetasia provides the tools and expertise to help its clients succeed online.

Inetasia's flagship clients include major local and multinational corporations such as HSBC, Visa, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Bangkok Hospital, Accor Asia Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, Hong Kong Tourism Board, SmarTone-Vodafone, SingTel, Orient Overseas Container Line, and Maxis Communications.

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