Search Engine Optimization - The Importance of Great Quality Content

By Gregory Smyth

It is a basic rule of marketing, for businesses both on and off the web. You need to know your customer, and sell the benefits to the customer, not the products. Not many people care about the streamlining of a vacuum cleaner bag, but there are plenty of overworked stay at home parents out there that care about how much time it takes them to vacuum the house. This basic web marketing strategy is employed by all successful websites, to create quality content that brings great search engine optimization results, and perhaps even the holy grail of internet marketing services … the top Google ranking. We look at how to modify your webpage content for search engine ranking optimization and internet marketing success.

It is known as the "What's in it for me?" rule, and copywriters live by it. You need to be able to put yourself in your customer's shoes, forgetting everything you know about your business, to be able to write website copy that furthers your internet marketing strategy. You can market to one of several desires in you customers: the desire for health, wealth, good relationships, or sex. Internet Marketing to a combination of these is often even more effective - as long as you maintain specific branding. If your customers are looking for job-related content, you will be using at-work emotions in your web marketing strategy and search engine ranking optimization campaign like: the EASE with which work can be performed, the SAFETY of a job (how likely an employee is to be retrenched or company to go broke), employee's or companies GREED for a better salary or bigger profits, POWER in the workplace, or EGO - having your performance recognized as better than others by your peers.

Every word of copy you write for your website should be filtered through the automatic "What do I care?" screen, with you thinking as a customer would. You often need to go a step further in internet marketing strategies, analyzing the words that people use in their searches instead of the industry speak for a phenomenon or event. For example, airlines use the words "low fares", customers search for the words "cheap flights". Your internet marketing services company or search engine optimization service can tell you which words your customers use to find you, and also to find your competitors, and help you integrate these into your copy.

Internet marketing services often do customer profiling, or creating personas, as it is known among internet consultancy services. This involves putting a gender, age, and other demographic profile to your typical customers. This allows your web marketing strategists to devise campaigns that really get results. When you have persona information for your site, you are not assuming you know your customer - you really do know your customer. Even Google advises this in their quality guidelines for webmasters - they say " Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. Don't deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users" - nothing annoys a user more than not finding the content they were looking for. Google's words of wisdom on internet marketing services continue, with " Another useful test is to ask, 'Does this help my users? Would I do this if search engines didn't exist?' ".

It is essential that businesses have expert help in writing their website content. Tricks like keeping one idea to a paragraph, writing in the inverted pyramid style and with additions like highlighted text, extra subheadings and objective language builds your opportunities to connect with consumers, but requires expert implementation.