Chunky Onion Casts Inetasia For Digital Marketing Encore

Hong Kong, May 2016

Citing increased visibility online, Chunky Onion, the leading event management company based in Hong Kong, has decided to renew its agreement with Inetasia to further bolster their Digital Marketing efforts.

With its increased online profile and a strong optimization and analytical framework, Hong Kong corporate and private events company Chunky Onion Productions has found Digital Marketing success thanks to its partnership with leading Internet solutions provider Inetasia.

As a result, the Hong Kong companies have renewed their partnership for the third consecutive year, with Chunky Onion Productions having seen greatly improved website rankings and results since enlisting the support of Inetasia.

Before the partnership began, Chunky Onion Productions was hindered in the development of its online presence and Digital Marketing activities due to limited Search Engine Optimization and internal analytics expertise. Since working with Inetasia’s team of experts, Chunky Onion has developed an optimization and analytical framework that enables the company to provide its clients with personalized experiences.

The comprehensive Digital Marketing solution implemented by Inetasia has played a pivotal role in enhancing Chunky Onion Productions’ online profile.

Inetasia’s On Site Optimization expertise has proved invaluable in helping Chunky Onion Productions stand out in today’s increasingly crowded and competitive online marketplace. The multi-faceted strategy which includes targeted campaigns has produced quantifiable results as evidenced by the higher visibility Chunky Onion Productions’ website now enjoys on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Inetasia will continue to present Chunky Onion Productions with in-depth and informative business intelligence, in the form of monthly analytics reporting on its online and Digital Marketing reach and market performance. Inetasia presents the strategic data in a precise, understandable and actionable way, allowing Chunky Onion to better meet its digital strategic goals.

“Our partnership with Chunky Onion Productions continues to grow from strength to strength and we are delighted to work with Chunky Onion for a third consecutive year,” said Inetasia CEO Gregory Smyth. “Through our partnership, Chunky Onion Productions has been able to better define and ultimately achieve its online and Digital Marketing goals, while enhancing its Return On Investment. We look forward to working together to further build on the results.”

Established in 2000, Chunky Onion Productions specializes in conceptualizing, creating and delivering both corporate and private events. With strong roots in theatre and its own full-time team of artists, designers, technicians and event producers, the fully-integrated company can create original and proprietary entertainment for any manner of event from gala dinners and regional conferences to theatre performances and family fun days.

About Inetasia

Inetasia provides big data, analytics services, and data-driven Digital Marketing solutions that generate a quantifiable return on investment for our clients. Our digital solutions and measurement expertise allows organizations to effectively track campaigns from impression to conversion while addressing the demands of a multichannel digital world. As the official Webtrends distributor in Asia, Inetasia provides advanced analytics services and optimization solutions for major local and multinational corporations. With headquarters in Hong Kong, and offices in Bangkok, Singapore, and Taipei, the Inetasia staff has in-depth experience and a proven track record of success in helping clients achieve their Digital Marketing, analytics and optimization goals.

Operating as two distinct divisions (solutions and optimization), Inetasia staff has worked with some of the most recognized and respected organizations and brands across Asia. Some of our flagship clients include HSBC, Prudential, NBA, iFast Financial, Global Sources, Thai Airways International, Minor International, Asian Development Bank, Six Senses and Shin Kong Life Insurance Co.

For more information, please contact Gregory Smyth, CEO