How to Videos

Inetasia is pleased to provide the following Webtrends analytics and business intelligence videos. The training videos will familiarize you with various functions of the solution and increase your awareness of Internet initiatives within your organization.

The Account Dashboard

Dashboard Options

Pages Dashboard

Website Dashboard

SharePoint Dashboard

Mobile Site Dashboard

Webtrends Infinity Analytics Teaser

Webtrends for Finance

Webtrends Optimize

Targeted Campaign Experience

Credit Card Application Test

Discovering a Segment

Sailing to Conversion

Analyzing Segmented UX

Data Helps you be Different

Webtrends SharePoint Analytics

Webtrends for Retail

What's New In Analytics 10.7

San Francisco - Innovations

San Francisco - Opening Keynote

Visualization: Motorcycle Superstore

How much is a Millisecond worth?

Re-imagine Digital Marketing

Introducting Heatmaps

Device Type Visualization

Global Activity Visualization

Webtrends Streams: Streams Lab

Traffic Source Visualization

Real-Time Relevance

Webtrends SharePoint Integration

Hadoop Summit 2015

Big Data with Spark

Optimizing the Customer Experience

Bruce Kenny Keynote

Did you know data can do that?

Incisive Media